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Color Management Workflow Options

(icon)At Full Color, you can choose between having your images color corrected by our color specialists, or color managing your own images. Most of our customers take advantage of our lab color management option, but if you choose to manage your own color, and order using the Studio Managed Color service, you can save on photo printing costs. Either option is available on a per order basis, so you can order the service that best fits your needs each time you order.

Lab Managed Color
Save time and get stunning prints every time by having us color correct your images. No need to calibrate or color correct. Our color specialists will inspect each individual image to ensure the prints you receive are of the highest quality possible.
  • Your images are professionally color managed by our specialists.
  • Saves you time.
  • No need to maintain a monitor calibrated to Full Color's output devices.
  • No need to buy special equipment for color calibration.
Studio Managed Color
Take action against rising prices. Try the new Studio Managed Color service and receive Full Color’s high quality output for a fraction of the price. With Studio Managed Color, you take control of the file preparation and we take care of the printing.
  • You manage your own color.
  • Lower printing costs.

Note: We recommend that you submit free calibration prints to us to ensure that you are calibrated to Full Color, before ordering using Studio Managed Color.