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Retouch & Artwork

With our broad array of artwork services, we can enhance any image to ensure that your clients always look their best.


Service Time Info

  • 1-2 additional day
  • 100% rush available

Minimum Order

  • $12.50 minimum per order

Shipping Info


  • Basic Retouch Package
    • Remove blemishes
    • Soften facial lines
    • Soften smile lines
    • Soften under eyes
    • Maximum charge of 4 subjects per file
  • Premium Retouch Package
    Includes everything in the Basic Retouch Package, plus:
    • Remove facial flaws (lipstick on teeth, etc.)
    • Remove stray hairs (from face only)
    • Tone down highlights
    • Maximum charge of 4 subjects per file
  • A la carte retouching can be used in addition to retouching packages or alone to customize the retouching services needed.
  • Special artwork is charged at an hourly rate, with a minimum charge of 15 minutes. Examples include:
    • Head swaps
    • Change, extend background
    • Restoration
    • Colorization
  • Custom Print Enhancements offer a more economical option to custom printing by allowing you to choose only the enhancements, such as vignettes, dodging or burning, needed for each print.
  • Artwork estimates under $30 will not be called on for approval.

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With its simplified ordering structure, ROES Plus allows you to submit both proof and print orders, and design your own templates.
  • Client side software
  • Create templates
  • View pricing as you order
  • FREE software
  • PC & Mac Compatible

Full Color Ordering System

Ordering through the FOS software's easy-to-use interface allows you to order prints and units, as well as order from multiple images at once.
  • Client side software
  • Pre-designed templates
  • View pricing as you order
  • FREE software
  • PC & Mac Compatible
Save with Quantity Purchases!
Calculate a price for a single retouching service on multiple subjects in the same file, by clicking on the arrow icon for a given item.
for Add'l
Basic Retouching Package $5.00 Calculate Price
Premium Retouching Package $12.00 Calculate Price
Remove/Add catch lights $5.00 Calculate Price
Remove crows feet $5.00 Calculate Price
Remove background flaw $5.00 Calculate Price
Remove facial flaw $5.00 Calculate Price
Remove neck lines $5.00 Calculate Price
Remove scar/mole/age spot $5.00 Calculate Price
Remove smile lines $5.00 Calculate Price
Remove stray hair $5.00 Calculate Price
Remove tan lines/straps $5.00 Calculate Price
Retouch hands/arms/legs $5.00 Calculate Price
Sharpen eyes $5.00 Calculate Price
Whiten teeth $5.00 Calculate Price
Thicken/Add eyelashes $5.00 Calculate Price
Tone down highlights $5.00 Calculate Price
Open eyes (include image with eyes open) $15.00 Calculate Price
Remove braces $15.00 Calculate Price
Remove eyeglass glare $15.00 Calculate Price
Digital Artwork (Hourly) $75.00 Calculate Price
Save to CD $5.00 Calculate Price

Other artwork services, including head swaps, changing or extending a
background, restoration or colorization are available, and are charged
based on the time required.

Vignette $6.50
Sharpen Image $6.50
Dodge & Burn $6.50
Burn Corners $6.50
Custom Crop $6.50
Save to CD $5.00