Metal Prints

Amplify your Images with Metal Prints!

Full Color offers superior quality metal prints, with the most customization available.

Metal prints are images printed on aluminum. Through a sublimation process, the image is infused into a coated aluminum substrate, creating vibrantly eye-catching colors and exceptional durability. With the aluminum prints, your images come to life. We use the highest quality materials suited for both indoor and outdoor applications. Choose the perfect metal print for you.

Full Color Metal Prints

From wallet-size to 40x50, aluminum metal prints shine in any environment.

Customize your print with one of our many display options.

Printing images on aluminum creates a stunning work of art! Perfect for indoor situations out of direct sunlight, we use premium ChromaLuxe® metals for super smooth finishes, ultra-high image clarity, and exceptional durability. Available in a large selection of stock shapes and sizes. Need a custom size? We can handle that too!

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Full Color StandUP Metal Prints

It's easy to match the right standUP® desktop metal print with your setting.

Choose from multiple finishing options for to achieve the perfect look.

This set of metal prints, designed and crafted in-house, are built to stand on their own. Perfect for multiple applications ranging from reception desks to bookshelves to dad's home office. Try a standUP® metal print today.

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Full Color Metal Prints

Engineered for the great outdoors.

Choose from options designed for to withstand the weather.

Give your images some fresh air! Now you can display your favorite photos or branding anywhere - even outside! Engineered to withstand damage from the sun, as well as graffiti and more, we use Duraluxe aluminum metals for a 5 year outdoor life. Do you have artwork indoors that will be in direct sunlight? These metal prints are perfect for that too! Available in a wide range of sizes.

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Full Color Metal Clusters

Want to level-up from a single image to an art display? Check out our Metal Clusters.

Own the room using your best images.

Give your photos the museum-quality treatment with our Metal Print Clusters. Available in five surface finishes and multiple mounting options, we make it easy to create a beautiful high-impact art piece for any wall.

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Metal Prints Q&As


What is a Metal Print?

Metal Prints are created when a high-quality inkjet-printed image is turned into a gas and infused into a specially-coated aluminum sheet, through a combination of heat and pressure. This creates a durable, vibrant print that doesn't need a frame.


How are Metal Prints different than Standard Photo Prints?

Traditional photo prints are images exposed onto paper. This is great for many applications, but they have some limitations. They need protection, either through a coating, glass or film. They need a means of display, like an album or a frame. It's impractical to use them in certain environments, such as hospitals or restaurants, due to the need to sanitize them often. Metal Prints overcome these obstacles due to their innate durability and built-in hanging options.


What's special about Metal Prints?

The very first thing you'll notice about a metal print is how it makes an image pop. No other substrate can quite capture the vibrance and beauty of an image on metal. Besides that, they are scratch-resistant, can be wiped-down, are easy to display in various environments, and can be cut into custom sizes and shapes.


Can Metal Prints be displayed outdoors?

Yes, if you choose one of our Outdoor Metal Prints. While standard metal prints are perfect for indoor walls and galleries, our outdoor metals are crafted from a special Duraluxe material, designed specifically for display in direct sunlight, and sporting a 5-year life.

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