Online Generic Catalog

Online Generic Catalog

Make Our Product Catalog Your Own!

We've provided multiple ways that you can integrate your own web site with a unique unbranded version of our online catalog. Show your clients options for products that you can purchase through Full Color. You can integrate several sections of our catalog with your web site. You can also print copies from this site to show non-branded versions of the products in your studio. There are two methods of integration. Use the following configurator to get the URL or code snippet for your linking method:

Step 1: Select the catalog section:

Link to or integrate any section of the catalog, or the entire catalog, if you wish.

Step 2: Select integration method:

Link URL - We've created a web site called, that contains the unbranded catalog. This method will generate a URL that you can use to create a link from your web site.
Inline Integration - You can put HTML code on a page in your site which will pull the contents of the catalog directly on your web site, making it look like one of your own. You will need to access the HTML code on your site to use this method. Only put one catalog integration per page, please.