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Boost Holiday Card Sales

Did you know you can show our holiday templates with our non-branded online catalog or Greeting Card Guide?  To help you show and sell Press Cards this holiday season, we have a sales guide designed just for you. Our Greeting Card Guide – a non-branded catalog shows all the card options available for Artistic Edge, Flat and Folded press cards, so that you can show your clients the complete collection when they’re choosing their greeting cards.

For the cover, you can choose either the stock image, or add your own image. The back of the catalog also has an area for you to add your logo or studio information.  This catalog shows the front only of each card.  The Greeting Card Guide can be ordered through ROES Plus.

To show your client the entire card and font choices refer to the greeting card section of our unbranded site.  This non-branded website shows the front and back of each card, as well as the inside of all folded press cards. To integrate this site into your own, you can find instructions here.

With over 1.6 billion holiday cards sold each year you definitely don’t want to miss out on your chance to improve your bottom line!

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Custom Metal Prints

We have had many requests for custom print sizes.  As always we are more than happy to accommodate your requests.  In this blog post we will show you how to create a custom file for a custom metal print.  In this scenario, we are going to create a 10×18 horizontal size metal print.  Since a 10×18 is not a Full Color standard print size, the rule of thumb is to extend your canvas in Photoshop and order the next standard size up which would be a 10×20 horizontal metal print. The same rule also applies to custom photo prints!

Full Color Custom Metal Prints
First use the crop tool in Photoshop and set your Width and Height to 18in x 10in.

Full Color Custom Metal Prints
Now that your image is cropped, next you will need to extend your canvas.  Go to Image > Canvas Size.  Set your Width and Height to 20in x 10in.  You may also choose your Anchor point to your liking. Select OK.

Full Color Custom Metal Prints
Now our canvas has been extended to a 10×20 horizontal size.  Doing so created a white edge on the right.  In this area add Text that says “Trim Here”.

Full Color Custom Metal Prints
Once your text is added, check your Image Size. Go to Image > Image Size.  Confirm that the Document Size you see is the print size you will need to order.  In this case, a 10×20 horizontal metal print is what we need.  Save your file as a jpeg or tiff and it is now ready to order!

Any questions, contact customer service at 800-382-2101, by chat or email service@fullcolor.com.

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Combining Orders in ROES Plus

Did you know you can mix a variety of product types in a single order?  In ROES Plus, there are 3 catalogs you can choose from Standard, Albums and Books and Proofs (available as LMC or SMC).  Within each catalog, you can mix any product available.

Inside the Standard catalog you can combine orders for photo prints, gallery wraps, metal prints, greeting cards and photo gift items – all in a single order! The Album and Books catalog includes all photo albums, press printed books and mini accordion books. The Proof catalog allows you to mix photo proofs as well as photo and press proof books.

Combining Orders

Full Color has made the ordering process simple and easy and combining orders also helps you save on shipping and your minimum order!  Don’t forget, when ordering under LMC (Lab Managed Color) catalogs you automatically receive color corrections on all products, so color is consistent across product lines.

If you haven’t already downloaded ROES Plus, you can easily install the new ordering system from our website.  And remember, if you have any questions; simply contact Customer Service at service@fullcolor.com, through Live Chat, or at 800.382.2101.

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