Service Times

Service times are based on business days and do not include holidays and weekends. Services times are approximate only and are not guaranteed, and shipping times are not included. For orders with multiple services for a product, services times are cumulative.

At peak seasons some services may temporarily require longer production times, however, we will do our best to keep these inconveniences to a minimum.

Service times on orders received after 11:00 AM (Central) are calculated from the following workday.

Guaranteed Service Time

If you need an order to be produced by a specific date, contact customer service to request a guaranteed service time. Guaranteed services times can cut stated services time by 1/2, and are available at the discretion of management. If an order is needed faster than the 1/2 stated service time or during peak production times, additional fees may apply. Orders must be submitted by 11:00 AM (Central) for the current day to be included in the production time.

Guaranteed Service Time are not available on select finishing and artwork services due to the production methods. These include: Brush Strokes, Brush Strokes Contour, Artisan Pebble, Gloss Spray and ProTexture, and all artwork services except Basic and Premium Retouching Packages.

A Guaranteed Service Time only applies to production time in-lab. Shipping time is additional, see Shipping Info for complete details.

Order Amount Fee
$12.50 - $49.99 $10.00
$50.00 - $149.99 $25.00
$150.00 - $399.99 $50.00
$400.00 -$999.99 $100.00
$1000.00 + 10% of order

Guaranteed Service Times are available only with management approval, and may not be available for large or custom orders, or during peak production times.