Color Management

At Full Color, you can choose between having your images color corrected by our color specialists or color correcting your own images. Most of our customers take advantage of our color correction option, but if you choose to manage your own color, and order using the No Color Correct service, you can save on photo printing costs. Either option is available on a per order basis, so you can order the service that best fits your needs each time you order.

Color Correct

Save time and get stunning prints every time by having us color correct your images. No need to calibrate or color correct. Our color specialists will inspect each individual image to ensure the prints you receive are of the highest quality possible.

  • Your images are professionally color managed by our specialists.
  • Saves you time.
  • No need to maintain a monitor calibrated to Full Color's output devices.
  • No need to buy special equipment for color calibration.

No Color Correct

When selecting No Color Correct, you take control of the color management of images, and we take care of the printing. Before choosing No Color Correct printing services, we recommend you calibrate to Full Color, and contact Customer Service to receive calibration prints.

  • You manage your own color.
  • Lower printing costs.

Photoshop Working Space Settings

When sending files to Full Color, it is important that each file has a valid ICC profile embedded. We recommend using SRGB as a working color space.

Download Photoshop Color Settings

To load this .CSF file after you've downloaded it, open Photoshop go to Edit > Color Settings > Load. Navigate to the .CSF file, then click OK.

Photoshop Color Settings

  1. Open Photoshop and go to Edit > Color  Settings
  2. Under Working Spaces > RGB select sRGB IEC61966-2.1.
  3. Under Color Management Policies > RGB select "Convert to Working RGB."
  4. Next to Profile Mismatches check "Ask When Opening" and "Ask when Pasting." Photoshop will prompt you to convert files whenever you open a file saved and tagged in another color space. If you would rather have Photoshop automatically convert files, uncheck these boxes.
  5. Next to Missing Profiles, uncheck "Ask When Opening."
  6. Under Conversion Options set Intent to Perpetual, and check "Use black point compensation."
Photoshop Color Settings

Note: Photoshop will assume files not tagged with a color space are in your working space. When saving JPEGs out of Photoshop, check “Embed Color Profile” in the Save dialog box, as shown here.  Leaving this unchecked will result in unpredictable color on your prints.

Photoshop Save As Settings