Barcode Font

This Code 39 barcode font used for specific order applications, such as barcode scans for school photography.

Download Barcode Font

Java Runtime Environment (JRE) Software

Recommended for Windows Users
Windows users of our ordering systems will benefit from having the latest Java version installed. This version will also be able to perform its own updates as they become available from Sun Microsystems.

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Texas Resale and Tax Exemption Certificates

Full Color charges sales tax on all orders delivered in the state of Texas unless the goods are purchased with a valid Texas Resale or Tax Exemption Certificate. Complete either the Texas Resale Certificate or Texas Sales Tax Exemption Certificate as needed and submit it to Full Color by fax at 214-381-8866 or email to

Texas Resale Certificate

Texas Sales and Use Tax Exemption Certification

Account Update Form

For a name change, we will need a new signature on file. Complete the Account Update form and fax it to 214-381-8866 or scan it and email to

Account Update Form

Speed Test

Internet Bandwidth Speed Test

This Speed Test will help you determine your internet connection speed. Click on the link below, and choose Dallas, Texas from the list of server locations.

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