Canvas Wraps

25% OFF 3/4" Canvas Wraps. THROUGH 08.27.19. (Sale valid on 30x40 and smaller.)

How to choose between a Canvas Wrap and a Canvas Block?

The two are similar, but there are subtle differences you should know about.

The Canvas Wrap (left) begins with one of our custom built solid wood frames and fine art canvas. The canvas is then hand-stretched and stapled around the frame, with corners folded to perfection. Canvas Blocks (right) on the other hand utilize our wooden box-frames and have solid surfaces on the front and sides. This method creates a sturdy structure to support the canvas, and makes for extremely tight corners with no overlap (folding). Good luck choosing, because they're both good-looking!

Full Color Canvas Wraps and Canvas Blocks
Full Color Canvas Wrap

Whether in a gallery or your living room, Canvas Wraps look great.

Choose from various depths to match your style.

Give your photos museum-quality treatment with our Canvas Wraps. Expert craftsmanship, solid wood framing, and archival canvas make our canvas wraps the best in the business.

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Full Color Canvas Block

Need a durable—no sag—canvas option? Canvas Blocks fit the bill.

Archival canvas print, stretched over a wooden box-frame.

Each 1½" Canvas Block is made by hand with the entire image - front and sides – wrapped over a solid wood base. This process allows for extremely tight corners with no overlap.

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Full Color Canvas Cluster

Canvas Clusters allow you to highlight multiple images together or one large image.

Choose one of our preset cluster sets or create your own custom cluster.

Give your photos museum quality treatment with our Gallery Wrap Clusters. Gallery Wrap Clusters are available in four depth options to best suits your needs.

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