Canvas Wraps

Canvas Wraps

Elevate your decor with our canvas wraps, where your favorite photos are transformed into art pieces. This process involves printing your image on high-quality canvas, which is then hand-stretched around a wooden frame to create a seamless and elegant presentation.

Our Canvas Wraps have four depths: 1/4" thin wraps, 3/4" wraps, 1 1/2" wraps, and 2" gallery wraps allowing you to choose the perfect dimension to enhance your artwork's visual impact.

Full Color Canvas Wrap

Whether in a gallery or your living room, Canvas Wraps look great.

Choose from various depths to match your style.

Give your photos museum-quality treatment with our Canvas Wraps. Expert craftsmanship, solid wood framing, and archival canvas make our canvas wraps the best in the business.

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Full Color Canvas Cluster

Canvas Clusters allow you to highlight multiple images together or one large image.

Choose one of our preset cluster sets or create your own custom cluster.

Give your photos museum quality treatment with our Gallery Wrap Clusters. Gallery Wrap Clusters are available in four depth options to best suits your needs.

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Other Great Solutions

Canvas Clusters for a Bold Look

For those looking to display multiple images or create a dramatic large-scale piece, our canvas clusters are an excellent choice.

Design a multi- canvas cluster or browse our suggestions to showcase several photos together or split a single image across three parts for a captivating display. Can be created in any of the four depth options allowing you to customize them for any room.

Who Can Use Canvas Wraps?

Canvas wraps are ideal for anyone who wishes to showcase key life events with elegance, such as wedding or graduation photos.

They’re well-suited for a broad spectrum of photographic styles, from vibrant family gatherings to serene landscapes.

Whether displayed in a home, office, or gallery, canvas wraps turn everyday photos into eye-catching art pieces.