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Full Color, Inc. is a professional photo lab providing the highest level of service to those looking for innovative products at competitive prices. Our printing services meet the highest quality, utilizing modern technology to achieve superior digital processing in photo, press, and specialty printing services. Read Full Color's Story


What Our Customers Say:

Y'all are so awesome! I can't believe how quickly you always turn things around. Thanks for being an awesome company to work with!
Love your lab. Love your staff!
Once again, Full Color has come to my rescue!!
I am a multi-year customer and I am always so thankful and impressed with the speed, quality and value of your work. I am quite thankful to be your customer!!
Thank you so much. I couldn't be happier with the metal prints. The gallery will like them as well because of the floating hanger supplying good support. Thank you again and I look forward to working with you on more.
As usual, y'all are great. This is why no matter how much, or how little I do. When I orderer order here.
Thank you!! You guys rock!! Design Studio is so simple and easy! It is a great resource! Thank you for providing it!!
My print arrived today in excellent condition. Thank you for taking care of this so promptly. Your service is equal to your prints -- excellent.

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Flow Pricing

  Kodak Lustre (E-surface) Kodak Metallic
Full Units $1.07 $1.61
Half Units $0.54 $0.81
3½x5 $0.54  
4X5 $0.54  
4X6 $0.54 $0.84
5x7 $0.54 $0.81
8X12 $2.43 $3.64
10x13 $2.24 $3.36
11x14 $3.50 $5.25
12x16 $5.57  
12x18 $6.81  
16x20 $14.95  
Fun Packs $2.45
Flashlight Keychain (Small) $2.89
Flashlight Keychain (Large) $3.52
3" Photo Button (Magnet) $1.99
3" Photo Button (Pin) $1.49
3½" Photo Button (Pin) $1.69
4x10 Dry Erase Magnet W/Marker $5.00
8x10 Metallic Magnetic Calendar $3.97
Magnet Wallets (Set of 2) $3.59
3½x5 Magnet $3.59
4x4 Magnet $3.59
4x5 Magnet $3.59
5x7 Magnet $3.59
8x10 Magnet $3.97
Headshot Template $0.54
Aluminum License Plate $9.95
3½x5 standUP® Flex $11.95
5x7standUP® Flex $16.95
Mousepad (Rectangle) $7.75
50x60 Velveteen Blanket (Front Only) $49.95
Water Bottle (Aluminum) $19.95
Water Bottle (White Ceramic/Aluminum) $19.95
11oz. Ceramic Mug $9.95
15oz. Ceramic Mug $10.95
Press Printed Trader Cards (8) $2.13
Sublimated Keychain (Rectangle) $6.95
Sublimated Keychain (Square) $6.95
Dog Tag (Front Only) $6.95
Dog Tag (2-Sided) $9.95
Bag Tag (Set of 2) $4.70
Christmas Ornament $12.95
Multi-Border CD $5.01
Multi-Background CD $5.01
Multi-Pose CD $7.49
Single Image CD $5.01
Packaged by Individual W/Label Included (No Charge)
Packaged by Individual W/Generic Sort Sheet $0.36
Packaged by Individual W/Sports Sort Sheet $0.44
Packaged by Individual W/School Sort Sheet $0.44
Packaged by Individual W/Custom Sort Sheet $0.44
Insert Reorder Form Stuffer in Envelope $0.06
Original Set-up Charge per classroom $10.02
Change set-up Charge per classroom $2.84
Data File Edits (per 1/4 hour) $21.00
Individual/Class Composite (edit per individual) $0.57
Class Composite Custom (per 1/4 hour) $21.00
5x7 Class Composite $0.89 ea.
6x8 Class Composite $0.89 ea.
8x10 Class Composite $1.43 ea.
8x12 Class Composite $2.24 ea.
10x13 Class Composite $2.24 ea.
10x20 Class Composite $5.45 ea.
11x14 Class Composite $3.50 ea.
12x18 Class Composite $6.81 ea.
16x20 Class Composite $14.95 ea.
20x24 Class Composite $18.78 ea.
20x30 Class Composite $34.28 ea.
24x30 Class Composite $34.28 ea.
24x36 Class Composite $43.85 ea.
30x40 Class Composite $43.85 ea.
Basic Retouching (Remove Blemishes, Soften Lines) $3.98
Easy Retouching (Automated, Face Only, Soften Flaws) $2.39
Remove eye glass glare (Glare not directly on eye) $5.00
Remove eye glass glare extensive (Glare partially on eye) $15.00
Flow Activation $200.00
EZ-Match Scanner $120.00
Job Data Edits (Per ¼ hr) $21.00
Safety Card $0.07
Green Screen Head & Shoulder Knockout $0.39
Green Screen Head & Shoulder Knockout (Priority) $0.60
Green Screen Full Length Knockout $1.25
Green Screen Group Image Knockout $2.50
Green Screen Knockout Cleanup
Orders requiring green screen cleanup of less than $20 will be done automatically.
Green Screen Color Correction (Per Image) $0.10
Studio Logo (Per File) $0.06
Die Cut Wallet $0.20

* See Flow Pricing Breakdown for volume tiered renewal fees.

Custom Template Set-up $11.55
Ready to Print ID Card (1-Sided) $0.85
Ready to Print ID Card (1-Sided W/Hole punch) $1.00
Ready to Print ID Card (2-Sided) $1.24
Ready to Print ID Card (2-Sided W/Hole punch) $1.39
Lab Rendered ID Card (1-Sided) $1.35
Lab Rendered ID Card (1-Sided W/Hole punch) $1.50
Lab Rendered ID Card (2-Sided) $1.74
Lab Rendered ID Card (2-Sided W/Hole punch) $1.89
Classroom Roster Pages (Per Sheet) $0.29
Classroom Roster Labels (Per Label) $0.07
Administrative CD $25.00
Administrative CD WO/Prints $50.00
Additional CD/DVD (W/1st) $10.00
Yearbook DVD $25.00
Yearbook DVD WO/Prints $50.00
Additional Yearbook DVD (W/1st) $10.00
High School Moneybag (Stock Graphic, Studio Front, Color) $0.35
Elementary School Moneybag (Stock Graphic, Studio Front, Color) $0.35
PROOF - Moneybag (Stock Graphic, Studio Front, Color) $0.35
Custom Moneybag (Color) $0.50
Per Order $4.50 Shipping & Handling