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Full Color Contract School Program

From preparing for your school shoot to delivering a yearbook CD, Full Color has the services you need for a successful year.

Our School program has been designed for photographers shooting contract school photography and is limited to pre-school through high school aged portraits only. From photographic prints to our exclusive standUP® Metals and specialty products, you will be able to create packages parents will love.

Both the Full Color Ordering System (FOS) and FLOW Software allow you to easily import data and set-up order packages. They also both integrate with PhotoLynx providing enhanced school photography features.

School Program Limitations:
Our School Program workflows are intended for Pre-School through High School photography only. For best results, lighting, exposure and subject placement must be consistent throughout an entire job. Also, all images within a single job will be color corrected and printed at the same color and density. Orders containing non-school material will be processed the first time with an additional charge, but any subsequent orders still containing non-school material will need to be resubmitted.

To learn more about our school program, and to qualify for the program, please contact the Events Department at

School Program Highlights

  • Create school projects with data from school
  • Order shoot cards
  • Add Project Management functionality along with ordering
  • All standard information readily available with expandability for custom fields
  • Set up packages for easy ordering
  • Preferences available for color management, die cut wallet instructions and cropping
  • Individual packaging with customized labels
  • Order Yearbook and SIS/Admin CDs

Getting Started

1. Choose - Start by deciding which software workflow will help you achieve your goals.

2. Setup - Establish your product and imagery offering, then build any sales tools to help your business.

3. Shoot - Now the fun part! Run the photoshoot, and gather any information you need from your subjects.

4. Order - Lastly, input student data and imagery into our workflow, place your order, and boom! Prints will be on their way.

A Perfect Workflow for Every Photographer

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Full Color Ordering Systems (FOS)

Our most simple, easy to use, free system.

Our custom, easy-to-use software allows you to quickly place orders for schools. The ordering software is designed to allow you to easily order multiple products with personalization, without duplicate data.

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A powerful tool designed for advanced users. (Available for pre-qualified users only.)

Flow is the latest Full Color workflow giving photographers who capture Events and Schools the efficient capability to match images, data, and packages.

Flow & ezmatch Logo

eZ match enhances Flow project automation for non-tethered workflows.

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Image Hosting Services

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Fotomerchant HV

Full Color and Fotomerchant HV have created a simple and intuitive experience for high volume studios.

Images can be automatically uploaded to Fotomerchant HV, when an order is submitted through the Full Color Ordering System (FOS), to easily create online galleries. Orders coming through Fotomerchant HV can then be automatically received by Full Color, without having to go through other systems. One submission for online galleries and/or printing fulfillment.


Or, contact Full Color at to learn more.

Reasons to Use:

  • Saves you time with easy-to-Build Online Galleries
  • Increased Studio Sales
  • Seamless Integration with Full Color Ordering System (FOS)
  • Unbranded Drop-Shipping Directly to Your Studio or Customer
  • Hands-On Service & Support
  • Simple Cost Structure

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School Photography Redefined

Save time by optimizing your workflow and increase your sales with GotPhoto! GotPhoto offers seamless prepay and proofing sales solutions for your volume photography business and can support you in ensuring a contactless sales and workflow process for your upcoming jobs. Sign up for your GotPhoto account NOW and SAVE 3 months of subscription fees!


Or, contact Full Color at to learn more.

Reasons to Use:

  • Beginning-to-end workflow and sales solution for volume photographers
  • Preschool, undergrad, senior, dance, and sports workflows
  • Prepaid, Proof, and hybrid selling options
  • Effective consumer marketing communication profiles
  • Orders automatically submitted to the lab for fulfillment
  • GotPhoto provides full onboarding and on-going platform support to the photographer

Full Color Image Quix


Full Color and ImageQuix have partnered to provide studios of all sizes with a complete online proofing and ordering system. ImageQuix offers a smart work flow for easy setting up an online sales catalog, and guides your customers through the ordering process for increased sales!

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