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Full Color, Inc. is a professional photo lab providing the highest level of service to those looking for innovative products at competitive prices. Our printing services meet the highest quality, utilizing modern technology to achieve superior digital processing in photo, press, and specialty printing services. Read Full Color's Story


What Our Customers Say:

Y'all are so awesome! I can't believe how quickly you always turn things around. Thanks for being an awesome company to work with!
Love your lab. Love your staff!
Once again, Full Color has come to my rescue!!
I am a multi-year customer and I am always so thankful and impressed with the speed, quality and value of your work. I am quite thankful to be your customer!!
Thank you so much. I couldn't be happier with the metal prints. The gallery will like them as well because of the floating hanger supplying good support. Thank you again and I look forward to working with you on more.
As usual, y'all are great. This is why no matter how much, or how little I do. When I orderer order here.
Thank you!! You guys rock!! Design Studio is so simple and easy! It is a great resource! Thank you for providing it!!
My print arrived today in excellent condition. Thank you for taking care of this so promptly. Your service is equal to your prints -- excellent.

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FOS Video Tutorials

Full Color Ordering System - Sports | Defining Packages, Favorites and Options

In this quick video tutorial we will cover to how define your own packages, favorites and set order preferences.

Full Color Ordering System - Sports | Defining Teams

In this quick video tutorial we will cover how to define multiple teams with different team names.

Full Color Ordering System - Sports | Ordering Player Items

In this quick video tutorial we will cover how to order and crop for player items such as Memory Mates and more.

Full Color Ordering System - Sports | Using the Batch Crop Tool

In this quick video tutorial we will cover how to use the batch crop tool when ordering packages. This feature allows you to crop multiple prints at once which reduces ordering time!

How to Order Team Prints in Packages

In this quick video tutorial we will cover how to order Team prints with your player packages. This new feature reduces ordering time and eliminates the need to sort team print in your player package envelopes!

Full Color Ordering System - Sports | Uploading Orders

In this quick video tutorial we will cover how to upload Sports orders in the Full Color Ordering System.

Customizing Sports Graphics

Full Color Ordering System - Sports | Defining Custom Fields

In this quick video tutorial we will cover to how define your own custom fields for memory mates and trading cards.

Full Color has the best sports program in the industry. In addition to the many products offered and the fast turnaround time, one of the key advantages is the ability to customize the fields that will print on your templated sports products.

The first step is to go to choose a product line. On the FOS Sports Products page view the Sports Graphic Lines, to view the products and graphics.

Choose your product line and sport and keep this page open, then launch the Full Color Ordering System (FOS) and click on Edit > Fields at the top and choose the sport you will be ordering. Keep the field definition screen open alongside the templates page on the website so you can visualize where each field is going to print on the applicable product (Figure 1).

In the example below, we have chosen the Platinum product line and the sport is Baseball. Then you can select fields in the field definition box and move fields up or down to get them in the position on the graphic you desire. In this example, Field #1 is the player number, Field #2 is the player position, and Field #3 is the Coach. Once this is done, you can rename the fields however you choose or delete unnecessary fields.

Full Color Example Figure 1

Figure 1

Full Color Example Figure 2

Figure 2

Full Color Example Figure 3

Figure 3

The following items are pulled in automatically where applicable in each product and cannot be customized or deleted in the field definition area.

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Team
  • Year

Only the first two or three fields will print on Memory Mates. (The coach field does not print on the Graphite line.)

All available fields in the field definition box will print on trading cards. Trading cards are the only products where the field description also prints along with the text entered in the player tab for that field.

If you leave a field blank when entering the player data, then nothing will print on the graphic template in the area where that field would normally be.

For trading cards, it is recommended that you delete fields from the field definition screen if you will not be using them to avoid a blank space in the middle of a list (Figures 2 and 3).

Each field has a character limit between 15 to 23 characters. Keep in mind that the more characters you use, the smaller the text size will be for that entry.

Only one product line, sport and year may be used per order.

Our Customer Service team is also available by phone, email or live chat to assist you with any questions you may have and are happy to work with you until you are confident with this process.