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Full Color’s Sports Program Just Makes Sense

Full Color offers an all-encompassing sports program designed to support photographers working with large leagues and schools as well as smaller leagues or even independent teams. This flexible program can be used by well-established sports photographers or those just starting out; with documentation and products to help guide you. We’ve developed tons of products and graphics for you to sell.

Sports Program Highlights

  • Multiple workflows to choose from
  • Rapid turn-around time
  • Excellent Customer Service
  • Tons of built-in graphics to choose from
  • Easy ways to increase sales

Getting Started

1. Choose - Start by deciding which software workflow will help you achieve your goals.

2. Setup - Establish your product and imagery offering, then build any sales tools to help your business.

3. Shoot - Now the fun part! Run the photoshoot, and gather any information you need from your subjects.

4. Order - Lastly, input student data and imagery into our workflow, place your order, and boom! Prints will be on their way.

A Perfect Workflow for Every Photographer

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Full Color Ordering Systems (FOS)

Full Color highly recommends FOS for sports photographers. It is our most simple, easy to use, free system.

Our custom, easy-to-use software allows you to quickly place orders for sports. The ordering software is designed to allow you to easily order multiple products with personalization, without duplicate data.

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Did you know we offer Premium Vinyl Banners in 23 different sizes?

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ROES Events

A legacy software available for former Burrell Imaging customers. (Previously “PrintIt Events.”)

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