About Full Color

Full Color, Inc. is a professional printing lab providing dependable personal service to photographers, artists, designers and other professionals looking for innovative products at competitive pricing.  Our professional printing services meet the highest quality in the industry.

Our Story

Full Color, Inc. was founded in 1978 as a photo lab serving the professional portrait photographer, by Paul and Helen Fuller with $3000 in family savings.  Founded on the principles of giving customers high quality prints and personal service, Full Color can proudly claim that our first customer was a loyal patron for almost twenty years, until he retired.

Full Color Darkroom Label

With growth, Full Color needed to expand, and in 1986 broke ground at a new facility at 7950 Carr Street in Dallas.  The new facility was larger than needed at the time, but built for future growth.  For the next eleven years, that’s exactly what happened, and in 1997, Full Color expanded into the neighboring building. At the time, the newer building housed the new digital printing department, while the original building housed the traditional film based processing and negative print departments.

In 2003, Full Color made the switch to completely digital printing, and starting expanding into new production areas, launching fine art printing services. In 2007, press printing services were added with the purchase of the Kodak NexPress, and in 2010 sublimation products, including metal prints and specialty items were introduced.

With the introduction of each new service, Full Color has expanded our customer base to include other professionals needed printing services. We are an innovator in our industry, and since our inception, Full Color has embraced technological advances. We look forward to the changes of the future.


“As a customer recently said, Full Color has always been the best kept secret around. We’ve been an innovative digital leader since 1995; focusing on cutting edge digital technology which has reshaped our company and made it better in every way. Providing excellent customer service is a paramount priority here at Full Color. We pride ourselves in creating a personalized experience for each of our valued customers. Thank you for trusting Full Color, and for choosing us as your printing company.”

Steve Pullin

Silver Recovery Initiatives

Besides running a state-of-the-art silver recovery system that exceeds local requirements, Full Color recycles film packaging, corrugate, photo chemicals, toner cartridges and other materials. As past president of the Association of Professional Color Imagers, Paul Fuller was heavily involved in the environmental and regulatory issues of silver recovery. In 1991 he served as the first president of the Texas Environmental Advisory Council, which funded research on silver recovery.