A versatile print piece, booklets have a wide range of applications, from sales catalogs and business reports to church directories and prom and event books.

Note: Options may be unavailable (grayed out) based on selections.

  • Finished booklet size is 8½x11.
  • Choose between Wire-O or Saddle Stitched Binding.
  • The cover is printed on cover stock, the interior pages are on text weight paper.
  • Minimum of 4 pages, maximum of 22. (1 page = 2 sides.)
  • Pages must be added in quantities of 2 (4 sides), or blank pages will be added to the book.
Service Time
  • 1 to 2 days
  • $15.00 minimum per order
Shipping Info
  • Shipping costs are not included, you pay actual shipping costs.
# of Sides (Including Cover) 10-50 Books 51+ Books
8 5.47 4.86
12 7.91 7.30
16 10.35 9.74
20 12.79 12.18
24 15.23 14.62
28 17.67 17.06
32 20.11 19.50
36 22.55 21.94
40 24.99 24.38
44 27.43 26.82

Cover Weight Paper Options

Standard Cover

The Standard Cover paper is a matte paper with an uncoated finish. This 120# cover weight paper is acid-free and is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council®. 325 GSM

Text Weight Paper Options

Standard Text

A 100# text weight paper with a matte finish, standard text paper is made of 50% recycled content and is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council®. 150 GSM
Finishing Options

Below are available finishing options for this product.

Binding Options

Wire-O Binding

With Wire-O binding, pages are punched at the spine and bound with black wire to allowing pages to rotate completely around the spine.

Saddle Stitch Binding

With Saddle stitched binding, pages are folded at the spine and stapled at the fold line. With saddle stitched binding, a book must be produced with page numbers divisible by 4.
Display Options

Below are available display options for this product.

Mounting Options

Below are available mounting options for this product.


Below are available accessories for this product.

Image Services

With our broad array of artwork services, we can enhance any image to ensure that your clients always look their best.

Note: Artwork services are provided for professional photographers using Full Color for printing services. Image Services are currently unavailable for online ordering, and must be applied to a product within one of our ordering systems; options vary by ordering system. View Ordering Systems

Basic Retouch Package $6.00 1st subject

$3.50 each for additional subjects.
  • Remove blemishes
  • Soften facial lines
  • Soften smile lines
  • Soften under eyes

Premium Retouch Package $12.00 per subject

  • Remove blemishes
  • Soften facial lines
  • Soften smile lines
  • Soften under eyes
  • Remove flaws from face (i.e. lipstick on teeth, makeup smudge)
  • Remove stray hairs, from the face only
  • Tone down highlights

A La Carte Retouching

Can be used in addition to retouching packages or alone to customize the retouching services needed.
Remove/Add catch lights $6.00
Remove stray hair (On the face, not over the eyes) $6.00
Remove stray hair extensive $15.00
Eye Enhancement (Whiten eyes, sharpen eyes) $6.00
Tone down highlights/shadows $6.00
Whiten teeth $6.00
Remove braces $15.00
Remove eye glass glare (Glare not directly on eye) $6.00
Remove eye glass glare extensive (Glare partially on eye) $15.00

Special Artwork $100.00 per hour

Charged in 15 minute increments. Estimates are given for artwork requiring more than 30 minutes; artwork requiring 30 minutes or less will be performed and charged automatically.

Request custom artwork that may not be included in a retouch package or in the a la carte options. Some examples are:
  • Open eyes
  • Remove objects for the background
  • Remove scars/age spots
  • Any other artwork requests.

Save to CD/Digital Download $5.00

With artwork ordered with printing services, you can choose to receive the artwork on a CD or a digital download of the images with artwork for future ordering.

Digital Download $4.25 per file

Choose to receive your artwork electronically only as a digital download, with no print services; you'll receive an email with instructions for downloading. Downloads are available for 90 days.

Digital Approval Proof $3.00 per approval

Receive a low-resolution watermarked digital proof to approve artwork before printing.
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