5x7 Artistic Edge Magnet - Style 104 (12)

Keep your message front and center; magnets make great save the dates, baby announcements, appointment reminders, and business promotional pieces.

Note: Options may be unavailable (grayed out) based on selections.

  • 5x7 Magnets are sold in sets of 12.
  • Magnet measures 5x7 at the widest points.
  • Each magnet is printed in full color.
  • Magnets are lightweight and flexible.
  • Envelopes are available, return address printing can be added.
Service Time
  • 1 to 2 days
  • $12.50 minimum per order
Pricing - Per Set12 - 89 - 4041 - 8283+

Note: Quantity pricing is for multiple prints/sets of the same size from the same file.

Finishing Options

Below are available finishing options for this product.

UV Coating Options

Gloss UV Coating $1.09 - $1.09 - Per Set

Gloss UV Coating helps protect the image, and has a glossy, reflective finish.
Display Options

Below are available display options for this product.

Mounting Options

Below are available mounting options for this product.


Below are available accessories for this product.

Envelope Options

White Envelopes $0.00 - Per Set

White envelopes with a glue seal. (Sold in sets of 12.)

Foil Lined Envelopes $2.25 - Per Set

White envelopes with a foil lining and a glue seal. Available in gold and silver. (Sold in sets of 12.)

Return Address Printing

Add the return address to White, Gold and Silver lined envelopes. Choose to have the address printed on the front left corner or the top center of the flap. Address can be printed in black, blue, green or red. Choose from nine fonts.

Beatrice Font $2.40 - Per Set

Brush Script Font $2.40 - Per Set

Constantina Font $2.40 - Per Set

Corbel Font $2.40 - Per Set

Jenna Sue Font $2.40 - Per Set

Katrina Font $2.40 - Per Set

Times New Roman Font $2.40 - Per Set

Type Writer Font $2.40 - Per Set

Zapf Chancery Font $2.40 - Per Set

Image Services
Note: Image Services are currently unavailable for online ordering. Please utilize one of our ordering systems. View Ordering Systems

With our broad array of artwork services, we can enhance any image to ensure that your clients always look their best.

Basic Retouch Package $5.00 1st subject

$3.50 additional subjects, maximum charge of 4 subjects per file.
  • Remove blemishes
  • Soften facial lines
  • Soften smile lines
  • Soften under eyes

Premium Retouch Package $12.00 per subject

Maximum charge of 4 subjects per file.
  • Remove blemishes
  • Soften facial lines
  • Soften smile lines
  • Soften under eyes
  • Remove flaws from face (i.e. lipstick on teeth, makeup smudge)
  • Remove stray hairs, from the face only
  • Tone down highlights

A La Carte Retouching

Can be used in addition to retouching packages or alone to customize the retouching services needed.
Remove/Add catch lights $5.00
Soften crow's feet $5.00
Soften lines on neck $5.00
Remove scar/mole/age spot $5.00
Soften smile lines $5.00
Remove stray hair (On the face, not over the eyes) $5.00
Remove stray hair extensive $15.00
Remove straps or tan line $5.00
Retouch hands/arms/legs $5.00
Remove background flaw $5.00
Remove facial flaw $5.00
Eye Enhancement (Whiten eyes, sharpen eyes) $5.00
Thicken or add eyelashes $5.00
Tone down highlights $5.00
Whiten teeth $5.00
Open eyes $15.00
Remove braces $15.00
Remove eye glass glare (Glare not directly on eye) $5.00
Remove eye glass glare extensive (Glare partially on eye) $15.00
Slimming $15.00

Special Artwork $75.00 per hour

Charged in 15 minute increments, with a minimum charge of 15 minutes. Estimates are given for artwork requiring more than 30 minutes; artwork requiring 30 minutes or less will be performed and charged automatically.
  • Change or extend background
  • Photo restoration
  • Select colorization
  • Change heads
  • Eye glass glare requiring new image or extensive artwork on eye
  • Custom Art - contact us for any artwork needs.

Custom Print Enhancements

Easily enhance your images with custom services. Enhancements are done to the file, and are not applied to the cropped image for prints. We recommend cropping images to the desired print size prior to ordering.
Vignette $6.50
Sharpen Image $6.50
Dodge & Burn $6.50
Burn Corners $6.50
Custom Crop $6.50

Save to CD $5.00

With any artwork service, you can choose to receive the artwork on a CD for future ordering.
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