Design Guidelines for Press Books

Design Guidelines for Press Books

1. Color Correct your Images in Advance

When designing your own layouts for Press Books, you must color correct the images before creating your files. For more information on color correcting, view the Color Management Tutorial.

2. Design Using the Press Book Guides

For your press books to print all the way to the edge of the product, designs must include a bleed. The bleed allows the product to be trimmed to the final size without a margin around the edges.

When designing Press Books, Photo Covers and Dust Jackets, we recommend using our Press Book Guides. These Photoshop files are set up to the correct document size, and have guidelines marking bleeds and fold lines.

All important design elements should be inside the “safe lines” to ensure that it will appear on the final product. Remember, this guide does not work both ways. Elements outside the “safe line” may still appear on the final product. Therefore, make sure that unwanted elements do not appear in the design.