What is the minimum file size required for a good 8x10 print?

Images intended for printing should be taken at the highest resolution setting for best print quality. Lower resolution photos printed at too large a print size may stretch the pixels beyond the point where they look sharp or clear. If your file was captured at a low resolution, artificially adding to the file size will not significantly improve the print quality. The chart below has been provided as a rule of thumb only and is based on the file’s native resolution from the camera and for properly exposed files. You can also view your files at 100% in PhotoShop for a good representation of how the file will print. To view your file size, open the image in PhotoShop to check the full image size and not the compressed JPG file size.

Print Size Minimum Pixel Size Minimum File Size
4x6 800x1200 2.75MB
5x7 1000x1480 4MB
8x10 1600x2000 9.16MB
8x12 1600x2400 11MB
11x14 1925x2450 13.5MB
16x20 2000x2500 14.3MB
20x24 2100x2520 15.1MB
24x30 2400x3000 20.6MB
30x40 3000x4000 34.3MB