Ordering Studio Logos in Full Color Ordering System

We can set up your logo so that it can easily be added to the photographs you order through Full Color. Once we have received the approval for your logo and have turned the logo on for your account, follow the instructions below to order prints with logos through the Full Color Ordering System (FOS).

Your logo will be available for orders placed through Prints, Proofs, and Pic-A-Pac.

Open the ordering system and select the image you wish to order. Make sure the image is rotated heads up so your logo will be positioned correctly. Click on the "T" icon at the bottom of the page. This will bring up the Personalization box.

Ordering Studio Logos in Full Color Ordering System

Click the check box to apply your studio logo. Hit the drop down arrow to select the Location, Orientation, and Color of your logo. To apply the logo with the exact same Location, Orientation, and Color to all prints in this order, check the box that says Keep selections between order items. Then click Apply to save and close. Your logo instructions will be detailed on the Review Order page prior to uploading your order.

Want to set up your logo for printing or have additional questions? Please contact customer service.