Ordering Studio Logos in ROES Plus

We can set up your logo so that it can easily be added to the photographs you order through Full Color. Once we have received the approval for your logo and have turned the logo on for your account, follow the instructions below to order prints with logos through the Full Color Ordering System (FOS).

Your logo will be available under the Standard and Standard SMC catalogs, using the "Photo Prints with Logo" tab.

Select your print size and drag and drop your image into the template on the left. For vertical images, rotate the image heads up. For horizontal images, rotate the heads to the left.

Then in the options box, choose logo position. For vertical images, choose logo position from the left hand column and for horizontal images, choose the logo position from the right hand column.

Then choose logo color. Enter quantity and click Add to Cart. Your logo instructions will be detailed in the Cart prior to completing your order.

Want to set up your logo for printing or have additional questions? Please contact customer service.

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