Full Color ROES Events Ordering System

ROES Events

A versatile ordering system that gives the photographer control.

The ROES Events workflow allows sport and event shooters a fast and trouble-free input, data match order interface. The comprehensive user-friendly interface provides a visual of both data and image in the same location, while keeping data input swift and easy. Studios can also efficiently control where data goes by dragging information once a sports template is chosen, instead of entering text for each subject individually. Studios also have the opportunity to define cropping for each unit in a package which allows ROES Events to apply that crop to all units within a package for the remainder of the order. Events Printing enables photographers to include all Sports Graphics such as Trader Cards, Sportmates, Magazine Cover, etc. directly into packages.

Download ROES Events

A Full Color Account is required to place orders. Java 1.5 or above is needed to download and launch the ROES Events. If you need the Java runtime, please go here.

System Features

  • Visualize Your Packages
  • Merge Event Data
  • Same Trusted ROES Interface