Green Screen

Green Screen

Workflow A.

Do it Yourself

Flow gives you the power to take control of the green screen process. Knock out your photos using built-in tools, and utilize your own backgrounds, all within Flow. Maximize your selling potential by allowing a background choice per subject, and manage this easily with the familiar data tools inside of Flow.

Workflow B.

Let Full Color Handle Your Green Screen

Looking for efficiency in your school workflow? Tired of dealing with knockouts and fine corrections? Sick of wrestling with imperfect software tools, or learning new ones? Full Color can take the hassle out of your green screen shoots, and you don't even have to leave Flow to send us the images. Simply upload your project to us from within Flow, and let us know that you'd like green screen knockouts. We'll handle everything from there, and notify you when your knockouts are ready to download. It's that easy.

Workflow C.

Send Your Green Screen to JALEA

Utilize one of the premiere green screen services, directly from inside your Flow project. JALEA offers high-quality knockouts of your green screen images, and they are now built-in to Flow. Sending and Receiving from JALEA happens seamlessly within the software, allowing you to outsource the tedious work of knocking out images to experts, while freeing up time to focus on shooting and selling.