Sales Tools

Sales Tools

Full Color Opticon Scanner

Opticon Scanner

A tool for increasing tethered or untethered on-site efficiency.

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Full Color Compete Moneybag

Deciding on which products to offer and creating a sales sheet are critical to a successful program.

We offer two ways to achieve success: with the Quick Start Program, we’ve created two package and add on offerings, and designed a Moneybag (sales envelope) around them. Just add your studio information and you’re ready to go! Or you can design your own program, and use the tools provided to layout and order custom Moneybags.

Quickstart Moneybags Create Your Own Moneybag

Sports Product Guide

Designed to serve as a sales guide, the Sports Product Guide features all the products through the Full Color sports program. Use the guide when meeting with leagues to show the full range of products and graphics that you can offer.

The Sports Product Guide showcases each of the sports graphic lines, along with the color and sports options available for the line. All presented in a great looking layout to showcase the products.

The guide is available either unbranded, or you can add your logo and contact information to the back cover.

Full Color Sports Guides


  • Printed on high quality paper stock, the guide is 8½x11.
  • Designed with a dark gray background graphic with colorful product samples.
  • Uses icons to show the sports available for each line.
  • Swatches are shown on the back cover for the colors available for the graphics.

Service Time
  • 2 Days
Minimum Order
  • Unbranded: 1 guide
  • Branded: 4 guides
Full Color Studio Section of the Sports Guide

Design Template

If you would like to customize the Sports Product Guide, use the guide below to lay out your studio logo or any contact information.

Full Color Studio Section Photoshop Guide

Studio Information Section (Photoshop)

  Quantity Price
Sports Product Guide (Unbranded) 1 $2.50
Sports Product Guide (Branded) 4 $10.00

Vinyl Banners

On picture day, use vinyl banners to direct players to the shoot location for individual and team pictures. Banners can also be used to encourage last minute sales by highlighting your photography and showing examples of the products available at the payment collection point.

Vinyl banners are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, and are available through ROES Plus. Banners come finished with a welded hem, and grommets for hanging.

Full Color Sports Vinyl Banner


  • Made of heavy 15 oz. vinyl for lasting durability and light blocking.
  • Vinyl has a semi-matte surface with a bright white point, for image clarity.
Important: When designing banners, create the document at the actual dimension of the banner, at the recommended resolution in the chart below. Keep all import information 2" from the edge on each side to allow for the welded hem.

Service Time
  • 7 Days
  • Rush service not available
Minimum Order
  • $12.50 minimum per order
  Recommended Resolution Price
18x36 250 DPI $35.00
24x36 250 DPI $35.00
36x36 250 DPI $45.00
36x48 200 DPI $53.00
36x60 200 DPI $61.00
36x72 200 DPI $73.00
36x84 150 DPI $83.00
36x96 150 DPI $95.00
48x48 200 DPI $70.00
48x60 150 DPI $83.00
48x72 150 DPI $99.00
48x84 150 DPI $114.00
48x96 150 DPI $130.00
Welded Hem & Grommets   $0.00

Online Generic Catalog

Make Our Catalog Your Own!

Want to show your clients the products and graphics available online? We provide unique unbranded version of our online catalog, including the interactive Sports Graphic Line tool. In addition to the sports section, you can integrate several sections of our catalog with your web site. There are two methods of integration. Use the following configurator to get the URL or code snippet for your linking method:

Step 1: Select the catalog section:

Link to or integrate any section of the catalog, or the entire catalog, if you wish.

Step 2: Select integration method:

Link URL - We've created a web site called, that contains the unbranded catalog. This method will generate a URL that you can use to create a link from your web site.
Inline Integration - You can put HTML code on a page in your site which will pull the contents of the catalog directly on your web site, making it look like one of your own. You will need to access the HTML code on your site to use this method. Only put one catalog integration per page, please.



Want to sell images beyond the initial picture day orders? Full Color has partnered with ImageQuix to offer an online storefront service.

Serving the professional photographer since 1997, ImageQuix’s mission is to help the photographer sell more images, with a powerful, sleek software that you and your clients will love. With customized ImageQuix viewing and ordering pages, branded with your logo and background, it’s designed to blend seamlessly into your existing website.

When clients place orders, you can choose to receive notification and place the order through Full Color, or set up the software so that orders are automatically sent to Full Color and shipped directly to your client (through drop shipping, with no paperwork or packaging identifying Full Color).

Full Color ImageQuix Logo

Register with ImageQuix to Download Software

Go to the ImageQuix website for full detail on their online storefront solution, and to sign up and receive a 30 day free membership.

View ImageQuix Details