Green Screen

Green Screen

Workflow A.

Do it Yourself

Flow gives you the power to take control of the green screen process. Knock out your photos using built-in tools, and utilize your own backgrounds, all within Flow. Maximize your selling potential by allowing a background choice per subject, and manage this easily with the familiar data tools inside of Flow.

Workflow B.

Let Full Color Handle Your Green Screen

Let us save you hours of time, and increase your efficiency and profit margin. Try out our superior green screen knockout service today!

Looking for efficiency in your school workflow? Tired of dealing with knockouts and fine corrections? Sick of wrestling with imperfect software tools, or learning new ones? Full Color can take the hassle out of your green screen shoots.

Simply zip your images, and send them to us using our easy file submission form. In the instructions, let us know that you'd like green screen knockouts, and we'll take care of the hard work. We'll send you a link to download the completed knockouts as soon as they are ready, and you'll be able to access them from within the customer area of the website.

Green Screen Setup & Approval: Full Color requires a set of Green Screen test images to be submitted in order to confirm that both quality and lighting settings are consistent and acceptable. Once Full Color has approved your images, you can then move forward with submitting a Green Screen project.
  • Head & Shoulder Knockout - $0.39
  • Head & Shoulder Knockout (Priority) - $0.60
  • Full Length Knockout - $1.25
  • Group Image Knockout - $2.50
  • Knockout Cleanup - $0.75/minute
    Orders requiring green screen cleanup of less than $20 will be done automatically.
  • Green Screen Color Correction (Per Image) - $0.10
Lighting Requirements:
  • All images must be shot against a smooth green screen with consistent lighting and no wrinkles in the background. (Additional charges may apply if there are lighting or background inconsistencies within a set of images.)
Service Time:
  • Green Screen Setup - 10 Days
  • Green Screen Knockout - 3 Days
  • Green Screen Knockout (Priority) - 1-2 Days

Workflow C.

Send Your Green Screen to 36Pix or JALEA

Utilize a premiere green screen service, directly from inside your Flow project. Both 36Pix and JALEA offer high-quality knockouts of your green screen images, and they are now built-in to Full Color's Flow. Sending and Receiving happens seamlessly within the software, allowing you to outsource the tedious work of knocking out images to experts, while freeing up time to focus on capturing images and selling.

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36Pix offers green screen services, as well as helpful tips, and even a green screen photo setup guide through their website.

36Pix Set Up

36Pix GreenScreen Setup Guide

36Pix GSI Analyzer™

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JALEA offers a one-stop-shop for high-performance image manipulation.

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Savage provides photographers with backdrops, studio equipment, and matting materials.

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