Full Color Ordering System

Full Color Ordering System


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For Events, the Full Color Ordering System allows you to quickly order volume printing, by defining preferences and packages, and avoiding duplicate data entry.

Start by setting up preferences, such color management options, paper types, and packaging options for all Event orders. If needed, when placing an order, any of these options can be overwritten.

Another feature is the ability to set up the packages in your program for ordering. You can set up each package, and add-on product if you choose, then when placing an order, it’s as simple as selecting the package for each individual, instead of selecting each product in the package. At any point in the ordering process, you can still choose a product that isn’t defined in a package.

While it’s great to have a lot of product options to build your program, when you’re ordering, faster is better, which is why we allow you to set up favorites. With this feature you can designate your favorite products, so that during the ordering process, you can see only the favorites, no need to choose from the entire product offering.

Once you’re ready to begin ordering, simply select an image, crop, add the individual’s name, and order the package. Then review and edit the options if needed, review he order, and submit for printing.

Highlights of FOS - School:

  • Set up preferences for all orders
  • Define packages for all orders
  • Set up favorite products
  • Multiple product lines per order
  • One paper type per order
  • Select the year for the graphics
  • If ordering calendars, select the starting month
  • Batch cropping for multiple print sizes
  • All graphics designed around a 5x7 image ratio

Note: While the ordering system doesn’t show previews, you can use the School Graphic Lines to see the layout and information that will print on each product.

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Ordering through the FOS software's easy-to-use interface allows you to order prints and units, as well as order from multiple images at once.

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  • Client side software
  • Pre-designed templates
  • View pricing as you order
  • FREE software
  • PC & Mac Compatible

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