Having a simple and easy work flow will help you tremendously when ordering. Here are a few helpful tips for ordering which can apply to all of our ordering systems.

  • Check your Photoshop color settings. When sending files to Full Color, it is important that each file has a valid ICC profile embedded. We recommend using sRGB as a working color space. View the Tutorials section for more details.
  • Place your images in one single folder. This will shorten your ordering time.
  • When ordering prints with personalization or studio logo, rotate images with the heads up in FOS. In ROES, rotate images heads up for vertical images, and heads to the left for horizontal images. Otherwise personalization or studio logos will print on the wrong side.
  • Ordering prints with text on your file? Allow .25″ from the edge when ordering from prints or Die Cut Wallets. This will prevent important elements from getting cut off by spillover. Remember, we offer free personalization in the Full Color Ordering System and studio logo services are available in each of our ordering systems. A PSD guide is always available for you to download for Die Cut Wallets.
  • Cropping can be the most time consuming task when it comes to editing your images. The general rule of thumb when cropping outside the ordering systems is to crop an image to the largest print size you are ordering from that file. Keep in mind multiple print sizes have different aspect ratios. View the Tutorials section for more details.
  • Setting preferences and using additional tools available in our ordering systems can save you a lot of time. In the Full Color Ordering System you can define your own packages for Pic-A-Pac and Sports, and also set other preferences for cropping, die cutting, and paper type.
  • Use PSD sizing guides! Using our PSD guides will ensure your file is print ready. PSD guides include safeline layers and they are conveniently sized to the correct dimension we require. If a PSD Guide is available, you will find it on the product page, under the Guides tab.