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With our Quick Start Program for Events, we’ve developed a program based on popular products and selling strategies, all based on an understanding of the market, and designed to increase sales.

The Quick Start Program has been designed to fit the Moneybag, an envelope to hand out prior to picture day, showing the products available for purchase, and including an envelope for payment. The package offerings are laid out in an easy to read format, and include images of the products offered.

Your business information is included, and Facebook and Twitter icons can be added. An Ordering Instructions section is included, with information about sales tax, payment options, and delivery times. You can modify these options, or add your own information.

With the Quick Start Moneybag, you can either use the prices shown, or change the pricing to better suit your business, however the packages and add-ons cannot be modified.

Service Time
  • Printing: 3 Days
Minimum Order
  • 100 Moneybags

Quick Start Program

The Quick Start Program is set up with 6 packages and 7 add-on products.


A12 - $65.00

  • 2-8x10's
  • 2-3½x5s
  • 8-Mini Wallets
  • 2-4x6 & 2 Value
  • 4-5x7s
  • 24-Wallets
  • 1-Portrait CD
  • 2-2½x3½ Magnets

A1 - $54.00

Minus 2-5x7s from A12


A - $43.00

Minus 2-5x7s & 8-Wallets from A12



with package purchase

2-2½x3½ Magnets & Portrait CD

B12 - $69.00

  • 3-8x10's
  • 4-3½x5s
  • 8-Mini Wallets
  • 2-4x6 & 2 Value
  • 4-5x7s
  • 24-Wallets
  • 1-Portrait CD
  • 2-2½x3½ Magnets

B1 - $54.00

Minus 2-5x7s from B12


B - $54.00

Minus 2-5x7s & 8-Wallets from B12



with package purchase

2-2½x3½ Magnets & Portrait CD


C - $38.00

  • 1-8x10
  • 2-5x7
  • 4-3½x5s
  • 8-Wallets

D - $26.00

  • 1-5x7
  • 2-3½x5s
  • 4-Wallets
  • 8-Mini Wallets

E - $18.00

  • 2-3½x5s
  • 2-Wallets
  • 4-Mini Wallets

F - $29.00

  • 2-5x7
  • 4-3½x5s
  • 8-Wallets
  • 8-Mini Wallets

Additional Add-on Items

Flashlight Key Chain Luggage Tag Christmas Ornament Portrait CD
5x7 2-4x6s and 2-Value Wallets Wallets  
Full Color Moneybag Design Option A


Package Pricing Comparison

Below is a look at the package pricing based on someone purchasing the items separately, the suggested pricing, and your lab costs for each package.

  Package A12 Package B12 Package C Package D Package E Package F
Consumer Price (if purchased separately) $120.00 $138.00 $48.00 $24.00 $12.00 $42.00
Consumer Price (for package) $65.00 $69.00 $38.00 $26.00 $18.00 $29.00
Photographer's Price (Lab Cost) $22.73 $24.96 $6.20 $3.48 $1.74 $5.52

Moneybag Submission Instructions:

By clicking the link above you will download a zip package containing an "instructions" file as well as the Moneybag PDF form. Open the PDF using Acrobat and follow the steps below:

You can download Adobe Reader for free using the link beneath the instructions.

  1. Start personalizing the form by adding your name and studio information at the top.
    • You can also choose if you'd like a Facebook or Twitter icon to be visible.
  2. Next, review and make any adjustments to the Package Pricing, Ordering Instructions, and Add-On Pricing table at the bottom.
  3. Finally, "SAVE" the PDF with your information and press the "SUBMIT" button at the bottom right. This will email your personalized PDF to our lab (service@fullcolor.com) and start the process of creating your Quick Start Program Moneybag.
    • NOTE: Once you choose "SUBMIT," you will be given the choice to send your personalized PDF through a local email client (like Outlook), or a webmail service (like Gmail or Yahoo).
  4. In the body of your email please included your ACCOUNT NAME, ACCOUNT NUMBER, QUANTITY, and MONEYBAG GRAPHIC you wish to create. (minimum of 100)

Full Color will send a confirmation email once we receive your order request, and contact you if any issues arise.

If you have any questions or need help please contact Customer Service at 214.381.2101, or service@fullcolor.com

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Quickstart Moneybag Graphics

Below are graphic options to choose from for your next Money Bag.

Full Color Daycare Moneybag


Full Color Homecoming Moneybag


Full Color Preschool Moneybag


Full Color Prom Moneybag


Full Color Prom Moneybag

Elementary School

Full Color High School

High School


Moneybag Pricing

Moneybags (Each) $0.39

DISCLAIMER: These programs are offered as a starting point for photographers wishing to start a sports photography business. Use of these programs will not guarantee business success, and Full Color makes no warranty or guarantees its suitability for your business. You have the option of modifying these programs or designing your own. Please note that these programs do not factor in such items as sales tax, sales commission, labor cost, automobile and equipment costs and other expenses and taxes that are associated with running your business. It is your responsibility to know your cost basis and determine whether the prices and products you sell will suit your customers' needs and be profitable.