Setting up packages is easy by going to Edit>Packages in the Full Color Ordering System and then selecting the Events tab.

In FOS – Events, both vertical and horizontal images may be used for all product lines. However, some products, like the Sports Ticket will work best with a vertical image.

Yes, in FOS – Events, multiple product lines may be combined in the same order, choose the graphic line when ordering each product.

No, previewing your image inside the templates is not available prior to uploading. For simplicity, all image nodes inside graphic products are a 5x7 or 7x5 ratio. When ordering any graphic product or personalization, images must be rotated heads up in the ordering system. For new users to the system or when customizing fields, you may want to send your order to the attention of our Customer Service team in the order comments located on the Select Options page. They will be happy to preview the order prior to printing to avoid any costly first time mistakes.

Individual packaging is available for a small charge, and all photographic prints are placed in a white 9x12 envelope printed with the child's name, event, photographer name and phone number. All specialty products are packaged separately. Note: One file or image per package, including groups. Multiple poses of individuals or group shots and an individual cannot be combined into the same envelope.