Note: Composite setup and printing are available for customers using Full Color for school photo printing work.

Composite Form Submission Instructions:

By clicking the link above you will download a PDF form. Open the PDF using Acrobat and follow the steps below:

You can download Adobe Reader for free using the link beneath the instructions.

  1. Start personalizing the composite form by adding your studio and job information at the top.
  2. Next, walk through each section making sure to set any custom requirements you need.
  3. Finally, "SAVE" the PDF with your information to your machine.
  4. Now, attach your personlized PDF to an email and send it to our Events Department (
  5. In the body of your email please included your ACCOUNT NAME, ACCOUNT NUMBER, and QUANTITY you wish to create.
  6. Press "SEND," and Full Color will start the process of creating your composite.

Full Color will send a confirmation email once we receive your order request, and contact you if any issues arise.

If you have any questions or need help please contact the Events Department at 214.381.2101 ex:3005, or

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Composite Pricing

Service Price
Set-up Fee (Up to 30 subjects) $12.00
Set-up Fee (31 - 100 subjects) $28.00
Set-up Fee ( Over 100 subjects) $58.00
Editing (Per 5 minute increments) $7.00
5x7 Class Composite $0.91
6x8 Class Composite $0.91
8x10 Class Composite $1.63
8x12 Class Composite $3.14
10x13 Class Composite $3.28
10x20 Class Composite $6.29
11x14 Class Composite $4.78
12x18 Class Composite $6.81
16x20 Class Composite $19.44
20x24 Class Composite $29.14
20x30 Class Composite $40.06
24x30 Class Composite $48.08
30x40 Class Composite $63.85
40x60 Class Composite $106.85